Bestway Self Storage unit sizes

Bestway can provide you with excellent storage units North of Salt Lake City. We have a wide variety of options when it comes to storage unit sizes and these can help you to store items for just about any potential situation. On this page we examine some of the unit sizes that are available that will suit your budget as well as your needs.

Unit size information

10’ x 5’ (50 square feet): this unit size is about the same size as a walk-in closet. This is the ideal storage solution for indoor items but not large or nature items. This is the perfect location for a few mattresses, some building or business supplies and even just a few small boxes. Large furniture items will quickly fill this unit size up fast.

10’ x 10’ ( 100 square feet): this unit size is equivalent to one half of a one car garage. This type of unit is ideal if you are moving a one-bedroom apartment or need space for a few major appliances. Large furniture items will quickly fill up the space.

10’ x 15’ ( 150 square feet): this space is equal to two thirds of a one car garage. This is one of our more popular options for self storage in North Salt Lake City as it regularly holds enough space for a two-bedroom apartment. You can house a number of appliances, boxes or even office and commercial inventory in a unit of this size.

10’ x 20’ (200 square feet): this unit is the size of a standard one car garage and offers lots of space for multiple furniture items as well as a great amount of boxes, or even storage racks for inventory. This is a great storage unit for the average move and is another popular choice amongst customers because of this size that it offers.

10’ x 25’ ( 250 square feet): this unit is the size of a standard 1 ½ car garage. Using this unit you can easily move a four bedroom house with all of the major appliances and boxes. This offers a lot of space for inventory, storage and recordkeeping and might be difficult for the average business or client to fill up.

10’ x 30’ ( 300 square feet): this unit size is the same as a standard two-car garage. Is the largest storage locker unit that we have to offer and it is perfect for moving large houses that contain four or five bedrooms. For large businesses and warehouses this can serve as overflow storage as it offers a lot of storage space for a great value.

Parking space: we have parking spaces available at Bestway Self Storage in North Salt Lake City that will allow you to store trailers, cars, boats, and RVs in the off-season so that they do not take up space on your land or in your garage. Depending on the size of your vehicle you may need to rent multiple parking spaces but our lot is just as secure as any of our storage lockers meaning that your vehicles will remain untouched and pristine even in the off-season.

Bestway Self Storage

Bestway Self Storage, is designed to allow you to do storage your way. While other storage providers will restrict access to your unit and offer little in the way of promotions we believe in offering some amazing benefits to our customers as well as flexibility that is unmatched in self storage in Salt Lake City.

Bestway Self Storage is a fantastic storage solution and we are available to help you in a number of different areas.

Long-term storage: long-term storage is one of our best and most affordable options. With bonuses such as referral discounts as well as new customer promotions you can receive some of the most inexpensive rates for self storage in Salt Lake City. With the high quality and clean storage facility for your long-term storage you can be assured that all of your items will be kept secure in our lockers. Our staff is vigilant at maintaining security as well as regularly cleaning our storage facility so that items remain undamaged. When you need an extra bit of long-term storage you can trust us to keep your storage locker pristine for a few months or even a few years should you require a locker for that long.

Short-term storage (moving storage): we can provide short-term storage solutions which will allow you to have a much quicker and simpler move. We are always available to open up storage lockers as well as provide flexible help and storage solutions. Whether you’re closing date doesn’t match up, or you simply need to store some items as you move into a new home to reduce clutter, we offer short term rental options that will help to get you organized during moving. Short-term rental options will also allow you to take advantage of our new customer discounts which can really help to cut down your moving costs.

Large Lockers: our large lockers make it easy for you to store large furniture items, or even an entire home’s worth of possessions. Our large lockers make it easy for you to tackle moving or even storing large items over a few years.

Smaller storage options: our small 5×10 lockers are perfect for holding onto precious and fragile items. This is a great way to hold onto family memories as well as any expensive items that you might be putting into storage during a transitional move or for short term safe keeping.

RV storage: we have the space at our storage facility in North Salt Lake City to store RVs in the off-season. Our secure lot will allow you to store your RVs without having to worry about them or have them take up space on your land. Rental of these spaces is much less expensive than you may think and can really free up space on your property when you’re not using your RV.

Boat Storage: we can also store boats in our self storage lot. Housing your boat in our secure storage space is a great way to save money off of your doc rental in the off-season as well as ensure that your boat is not damaged by leaving it in the water.

Car Storage: if you have an extra car that needs storage we can help to provide you with a secure storage lot space that will remove any unwanted cars from your land. Some storage lockers are even large enough to accommodate a car space if you are interested in keeping your car out of any weather hazards.

Electronic Gate Access

You can access your storage unit anytime through the electronic gate access. This means that you can easily enter into the facility using your own unique access code to check on your unit at any time. This offers you a special form of flexibility that you may not be able to find at other self storage facilities in Salt Lake City. Keep in mind that we regularly log every entrance and exit so that we can keep track of people entering and leaving the facility. If there are ever any problems with security we will be the first to know about it.

Video Surveillance

We also have a fantastic video surveillance that is on 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our surveillance system covers the entire lot and we can be instantly alerted if there is ever any problem with the storage locker. With our video surveillance system you can be assured that all of your items in storage are 100% secure 100% of the time.

Extended Gate Hours

With extended gate hours of 5:30 am to 10:00 pm, access your storage unit or parking space with fewer restrictions and multiple levels of security.

Well Lit Facility

Accessing your storage locker during off-hours is also very secure because our facility is completely fenced off from outsiders as well as extremely well lit. You should never have to feel threatened in this self storage facility located in North Salt Lake City. Our lighting makes it very easy for you to access your storage unit with ease even during off hours.

Easy Freeway Access

One of the best parts about Bestway Self Storage in North Salt Lake City is that it is very easy to get to off of the freeway. Access to this storage facility can be found directly off of North and southbound I 15. Take exit 311 for Warm Springs Road and our facility signs will direct you to your destination. Should you ever need our facility for moving or need to direct somebody to our facility for the referral bonus that we offer, this is very simple. Access on the freeway also means that you can easily check up on your storage unit or lot storage as part of your regular commute.

Fully Fenced

Bestway Self Storage is fully fenced around the perimeter to prevent any unauthorized access. Your security is our priority.