One of the most difficult things for a storage facility to do is to auction off an individual’s items. There are many different laws that have to be followed. The reason why I say it is so difficult for the facility to do this is because they often don’t break even when it comes to the costs of advertising and getting an auctioneer to come out and auction the units. Today I am going to talk about how not to go to auction and also what to do if you buy an auctioned storage unit.

First to customers who are renting storage units, communication is very important when it comes to making late payments. The facility does not want to auction off your unit. The facility would much rather communicate with you concerning your situation and see if there are any other possibilities or outcomes that will help both you and the facility. Just let the facility know your situation and what you need to do. They will often work up a payment plan or another way for you to catch up.

Now to the people who come to the storage unit auction! The facility is auctioning off tenants belongings because that tenant is behind in their payments. The facility, as I mentioned above, is going to take a loss on this unit. Keeping that in mind the facility would like you to clean and remove all of the items in a facility as quickly as you can. There is usually a 24 to 48 hours time limit on cleaning out the storage unit after you have bought the contents. The facility does not appreciate and trash or useless items that may be left in the storage unit. If you purchase it take everything with you! If a facility has a dumpster that is for the tenants of the facility, ask the manager or the worker what items can be placed in the dumpster if anything from your unit. The facility also has hours of operation please be aware of these times and know that you might not be able to access these units after that time. Just plan ahead and let the facility know your plans. Facilities may work with you on times that you can be there if they are out of the office. Thank you for your interest in storage unit auctions and what facilities need when it comes to your participation.

Bestway Self Storage committed to being the best.

Electronic Gate Access

You can access your storage unit anytime through the electronic gate access. This means that you can easily enter into the facility using your own unique access code to check on your unit at any time. This offers you a special form of flexibility that you may not be able to find at other self storage facilities in Salt Lake City. Keep in mind that we regularly log every entrance and exit so that we can keep track of people entering and leaving the facility. If there are ever any problems with security we will be the first to know about it.

Video Surveillance

We also have a fantastic video surveillance that is on 24 hours a day seven days a week. Our surveillance system covers the entire lot and we can be instantly alerted if there is ever any problem with the storage locker. With our video surveillance system you can be assured that all of your items in storage are 100% secure 100% of the time.

Extended Gate Hours

With extended gate hours of 5:30 am to 10:00 pm, access your storage unit or parking space with fewer restrictions and multiple levels of security.

Well Lit Facility

Accessing your storage locker during off-hours is also very secure because our facility is completely fenced off from outsiders as well as extremely well lit. You should never have to feel threatened in this self storage facility located in North Salt Lake City. Our lighting makes it very easy for you to access your storage unit with ease even during off hours.

Easy Freeway Access

One of the best parts about Bestway Self Storage in North Salt Lake City is that it is very easy to get to off of the freeway. Access to this storage facility can be found directly off of North and southbound I 15. Take exit 311 for Warm Springs Road and our facility signs will direct you to your destination. Should you ever need our facility for moving or need to direct somebody to our facility for the referral bonus that we offer, this is very simple. Access on the freeway also means that you can easily check up on your storage unit or lot storage as part of your regular commute.

Fully Fenced

Bestway Self Storage is fully fenced around the perimeter to prevent any unauthorized access. Your security is our priority.